Mars and Venus

I’ve been told by more than a few people that my site title is itself actually a reference to a quite sexist book, Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus. Oops. That is ironically awkward. For any who noticed this, and raised an eyebrow, I’m claiming ignorance! Yes I had heard of the book before, but I did not realize that this was where the common equation of gender to Mars and Venus had become popular. Honestly, I thought that since the King and Queen of the  Greek Gods were named Mars and Venus respectively, it would make sense that they were equated with each gender.

Another instance in which I was ignorant, was what I thought the content of the book was about. I had assumed it was a humorous book about some of the differences between men and women. However, upon hearing about it, and subsequently reading parts of it at the suggestion of Sherrie Gavin, and then reading articles and even the Wikipedia article, the more disgusted I became with it. It really places women on a lower plane than men. It is obviously sexist and demeaning to women.

So just to clarify, I don’t in ANY way support this book, or intend to promote it. That being said, I’ve purchased this domain, so that’s the way it’s staying (the lesson has not been lost on me though). From here on out, if anyone is wondering, I simply wanted a more artful title than “The equality of men and women.” That domain was taken anyway. 

Also, here’s an article refuting much of what the book said. Enjoy!



One comment on “Mars and Venus

  1. Cindy says:

    I LIKE your title. Though it alludes to the book, it defines that idea that men and women are DIFFERENT in the Mars/Venus part of the title, then diffuses it by prefacing it with THE EQUALITY OF part. You shouldn’t apologize for a title that recognizes distinction AND equality. In my humble observation, men and and women are different, and generalities CAN be made about gender, with the understanding that there ARE exceptions. That said, we are all equal in our humanity and as children of God. Like all books of this nature, there are truths to be gleaned and learned from. You have to sort them out. The tides change, and popularity wanes, but there is good in this book, and wouldn’t throw it completely out the window. You title is aptly put, don’t keep it just because you bought the domain, that is what you would call “lame sauce”!

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